Monday, March 19, 2018

Ostara Rituals and Celebrations

 The Spring Equinox is upon us at last, the weather is being carried in by warmer winds and flowers are starting to finally sprout out of the cold earth. The tell-tale signs are all there, heralding that Ostara is just around the corner. Ostara, Eostre, are names that this equinox is associated with, and the rituals that are performed on this holiday celebrate everything that resonates spring. However, there's more to this holiday than just the predecessor to what we now know as Easter.

Friday, February 23, 2018

A Preparator's Guide for Celebrating Imbolc

Winter feels unending sometimes doesn't it? Long nights and short daylight hours can make the season drag out longer than most would appreciate. When Groundhog day comes around, sometimes I sit a little too enthusiastically when that little critter tells us what our forecast for Winter will look like in the weeks to come. Will spring come sooner than anticipated? Will it drag out longer than we want? Imbolc is a promise that Spring is not far away, a promise that the cold of winter will pass and soon.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Some Awesome Benefits to Owning Obsidian

It probably isn't much of a surprise that crystals and stones are becoming more popular with Spirituality, especially so in the Pagan community. Witches will use crystals to draw their mystical energies, Spiritual healers will use crystals to dissolve stress and chakra blockages and enhance spiritual growth. Even if you don't fit the above criteria, keeping a few different crystals on hand can provide beneficial advantages to the pitfalls that show up in life.

Today we'll be going over the benefits of Obsidian and how it's properties can assist you in your everyday ventures.