Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A New Beginning

    Hello and welcome to my new blog "The Coffee Loving Hedge Witch" which is a blog dedicated to helping those seeking the information on paganism and the different paths and studies available within it.
    It's not an easy subject to cover to be quite honest, but that's only because every single person who practices paganism to some form or another will have a different path laid out for them. However that's where I hope to fill the gap and set people in the direction that allows You, my readers, to determine what works best.
   I am, under no circumstances, a professional. Learning everything there is to know is a lofty goal and there's centuries worth of information out there ( And I've only been considering myself a Pagan for about a decade). I highly encourage people who do happen to have some know-how to comment, add in information where it's needed. It's also worth noting that if there are subject that anyone wants more information on, please also comment!
  My goal is to update this blog every Wednesday and Sunday with a new subject in each post.
  So until Sunday, Bright Blessings and have a good week!

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