Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Divine and You!

          Research is everything when it comes to pursuing a new venture, and Paganism is no exception to that rule. There is so much information that it can easily become overwhelming. One of the largest bouts of confusion I see is whether or not to acknowledge a Divine and if the Divine should be worshiped.
          Once more, as I've stated in my last blog here, a lot of it will depend on what paths you choose to incorporate into your practice. This statement can be liberating or frustrating but what you choose to do in your path is not right or wrong, simply that you try to make the best choices to improve yourself; That being said, it's important to at least have an idea of what the possibilities are.

Choosing to worship: The Pros

  1. Many Pagans feel that working with a God or Goddess of their choosing will allow them to have access to abilities that they would not have been able to acquire prior.
  2. There is a certain comfort with working personally with a Divine being, especially when we feel that our fates are not entirely in our hands
  3. Some Deities have domain over certain aspects of our lives and we can invoke them for the sake of improving those areas.

Choosing to Worship: The Cons

  1. It could take a while to find Divine that will work with you. Not saying that they will ignore you, but there are Gods/desses that work better with certain people over others
  2. Some people and even (yes) Pagans will scrutinize your choices. This is an ugly truth when it comes to this practice, or heck, any practice. If you differ slightly from what is considered 'the norm' then people will judge. That doesn't mean that you should give in, however. It's important to understand you are the only one responsible with how your practice aids your life, Jimmy from down the road won't be able to get you where you want to be with his snarky attitude so ignore them all together.
  3. If you choose to worship several divines (Which is entirely possible) you may have a hard time keeping up at first. I would only tend to one before attempting to incorporate another.
It's important to note as well that if you decide that worshipping the Divine isn't your thing, that's ok too! No one is required to recognize a Divine being as a center of worship, in fact, it's completely normal. There are even some Pagans that worship the Christian God if that is more your comfort zone.

Either way, despite what you choose, it's important to have a good idea on what your options are. I really hope you enjoyed this blog and there are questions and concerns, please comment down below. Thank you and Bright Blessings!

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