Friday, July 14, 2017

The Cycles of the Moon and The Meanings Behind Them

Every night when you look into the night sky, you're more than likely going to see the moon settled in the dark tapestry that envelopes the world. The moon has been a subject of art, cinema, books, religions, and even foretelling how hectic a day may be. Generally speaking, the moon is undeniably beautiful.

The Moon and her phases mean more than just a shadow cast on the moon while following its path around the earth. Each phase serves to provide insight to different times in each month in which we can find potential spring forth from intentions that had been set early. In this post, we'll explore the magical meanings behind the moon, and why this nocturnal celestial presence in the sky holds such a profound power over us.

The Phases of the Moon

With each night that passes in a months time, the moon's phase will hold a certain significance over our lives both magically and physically. There have been times in antiquity where people would commonly see that the moon would provide insight to the changing of the seasons, when the harvest should be done, or even the behavior of people. Lunacy was believed at one point to be caused by the phases of the moon and inspired tales of werewolves or Lykins.

New Moon

The New Moon is a time of beginning. It is the phase in which you cannot see, a time of darkness. The new moon is the best time to set out your intentions, plans or dreams for what you want to achieve for the month.

An easy way to do this is to think of an achievable goal that you feel can be done in a months time from the point of the new moon. Write it on a piece of paper or a journal,( Some even do this in their book of shadows), and meditate on it. With your intention set, the energies you placed forth will take root.

Waxing Crescent

At the height of the Waxing Cresent is the time to deepen your resolve. Remember that goal? It's time to make sure that is the path in which you want to walk. Set your intention more clearly. Organize the steps you know you'll need to take to set your goal in motion more directly. This is also a good time to make sure that aspects of your own life, and not just your goals, are also organized. Energy flows better when everything is in its place.

Waxing Quarter

By now ways to make your goal more achievable should make themselves more apparent. Don't let opportunity knock without answering. Be confident in your steps and let your instinct guide you, the energies that you set into play will guide your gut in the right direction!

Waxing Gibbous

Any flaws or setbacks should be dealt with immediately. This is the point that your intentions should start to see fruition and as such you will want to make sure things run smoothly. You cannot have a healthy garden if you don't weed out pests and weeds that will choke your harvest. Improve where it's needed, but don't doubt yourself. You've got this.

Full Moon

All the energies set in motion from the New Moon should be revealing themselves. This is the time that your hard work is finally unleashing its full capabilities. This is also a good time to recharge and cleanse altar utensils and crystals for more beneficial uses later on in the month.

Waning Gibbous

The energies that were so well charged at the full moon begin to wane. This is a time to analyze truths that you discovered during your journey and share them with those who were key in seeing you accomplish your intention. ( You can even write said truths in your Book of Shadows)

Waning Quarter

It's time to let go of stress and negative energies that have accumulated over the course of the last few weeks. Forgive those who have caused strife, but don't forget. It's also important to shed not only negative energies but also negative people from your life at this time. Renewal should be done on a clean slate, negative energies hold back the potential of the future.

Waning Crescent

Rest. This is the time in which all events are out of your hands. Allow yourself to reflect on how things flowed over the course of this last month. Learn from it. Use the knowledge to empower your intentions in the next New Moon and thus strengthen the outcome.

Blue Moon

The Blue Moon ( a.k.a The second full moon in a month) is a time where intentions that did not have much backing may be realized more easily. Most people who perform rituals or divination will find that everything will run smoothly and with higher precision.

Monthly Full Moons

Every Full Moon has a specific name in accordance with the time of the year or which month it rises in. Of course, this also means that the mystical properties will shift as the months do. Each moon's properties can be reflected in spell work corresponding with each month's attributes. Below I've outlined a few keywords to reference.

January: Wolf Moon - Family, Gatherings, Bonding
February: Snow Moon - Purification, Renewal, Reflection
March: Worm Moon  - Goals, Opportunity, Intention
April: Pink Moon - Love, Beauty, Birth
May: Flower Moon -Productivity, Creativity
June: Strawberry Moon - Prosperity, Abundance
July: Buck Moon - Success, Achievement
August: Sturgeon Moon - Connection, Communication
September: Corn Moon - Divination, Prophecy
October: Hunters Moon - Honor Ancestors, Embrace your Instincts
November: Beaver Moon - Prepare, Finish 'unfinished' projects
December: Cold Moon - Hope, New Beginnings, Recharge

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